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TE Series Comparison

TrewMac Systems Pty Ltd

TE Series RF Vector Analyzers

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TE Series Comparison

Frequency Range (MHz)0.5-1500.03-3000.03-300
In circuit small signal device characterisationtruetruefalse
Custom calibrationfalsetruetrue
Supplied with non-removable probetruetruefalse
Supplied with female N type connectorfalsefalsetrue
USB Interfacefalsetruetrue
RS232 Interfacetruetruetrue
User selectable systems Zotruetruetrue
User Selectable Averagingfalsetruetrue
Data display rate2Hz25Hz25Hz
Impedance accuracy at 50 Ohms (typical)+/-1%+/-0.2%+/-0.2%
Battery Life (hours)122
Reflection Parameters
Impedance (polar and rectangular)truetruetrue
Admittance (polar and rectangular)falsetruetrue
Reflection Coefficient (polar and rectangular)truetruetrue
Return Losstruetruetrue
Mismatch Lossfalsetruetrue
Quality Factorfalsetruetrue
Equivalent Parallel Impedancefalsetruetrue
Equivalent Series RLCtruetruetrue
Equivalent Parallel RLCtruetruetrue
Cable Lengthfalsetruetrue
Cable Lossfalsetruetrue
Max output signal (open circut)70mVpp150mVpp1.5Vpp 4dBm
Frequency Resolution250Hz1Hz1Hz
Frequency Accuracy10ppm10ppm10ppm