TrewMac Systems Pty Ltd

TE Series RF Vector Analyzers

TE1000 Full Specifications

Model number TE1000
Frequency range 0.5-150 MHz
Frequency resolution
  • 0.500-9.999 MHz in 1 kHz steps
  • 10.00-99.99 MHz in 10 kHz steps
  • 100.0-150.0 MHz in 100 kHz steps
Impedance range Measures impedance at any angle
Magnitude range 0.1 Ohms to 100k Ohm
Measurement speed Display updated every 500 milliseconds (approx.).
Typical accuracy of measurement The accuracy depends on the impedance being measured. Guaranteed accuracy for 3 standard impedances are listed below:
  • impedance=50 Ohm
    magnitude +/-1%, angle +/-1 degrees
  • impedance=10 Ohm
    magnitude +/-3%, angle +/-3 degrees
  • impedance=1 Ohm
    magnitude +/-2%, angle +/-3 degrees
  • impedance=1k Ohm
    magnitude +/-3%, angle +/-3 degrees
Measurement modes
  • Complex impedance in polar or rectangular form
  • R-L-C in series or parallel equivalent circuit format
  • SWR for any system characteristic impedance
  • Complex relection coefficient for any system characteristic impedance
  • Return loss in dB for any system characteristic impedance
  • Swept measurements and data logging to PC via the RS232 serial port
SWR measurement range Greater than 100:1 (depends on system characteristic impedance)
Power source DC plug-pack or internal battery (auto power-save in battery mode)
Display 20 x 4 character alphanumeric LCD
Measurement probe Active probe on 1 metre cable - allows direct in-circuit measurements
Interface RS232 on 9-pin D and USB connectors- software runs under Windows 95/98/XP/7
Weight 1.7kg
Dimensions 250w x 200d x 80h (mm)
Included Accessories
  • Windows interface software permits sweep frequency measurements and data logging (supplied)
  • Coaxial adaptor (adapts the probe to plug directly onto an N-type 50 Ohm connector) (supplied)
  • Spring probe grounding pin
  • Protective hard carry case (supplied)