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TE Series RF Vector Analyzers

TE3001 Full Specifications

Model number TE3001
Frequency range 0.03-300 MHz
Frequency resolution 1Hz
Frequency Accuracy +/-10PPM
Output Signal User adjustable to 150%
Normal output (100%) is 1Vpp open circuit
Input Protection Diodes begin clamping the input signal at 4Vpp
Max input voltage is 50VDC or AC peak
Source Impedance Approx 35 Ohms
Impedance range Angle: -90 to +90 degrees
Magnitude: 0.1 Ohms to 100k Ohms
Measurement Resolution
  • Z: 3 Significant figures to 0.001 Ohms, 0.1 Degrees
  • C: 3 Significant figures to 0.1 pF
  • L: 3 Significant figures to 0.1 nH
  • S11: 3 Significant figures to 0.001 Mag, 0.1 Degrees
Typical Measurement
The accuracy depends on the load being measured, the quality of calibration and degree of averaging. Typical accuracy for 3 standard loads at 36 points over the available frequency range is tabled below in polar reflection coefficient format, after factory calibration, with averaging = 64 and 100% power output.
  • S11=1.0, magnitude +/-0.005 angle +/-0.6 degrees
  • S11=0.6, magnitude +/-0.006 angle +/-0.4 degrees
  • S11=0.0, magnitude +/-0.007
System Impedance Zo
(user defined)

User defined - must be a real, positive number.

(used to calculate VSWR, return loss and reflection coefficient)
Measurement speed 25ms (no averaging)
(user defined)

512 point, 3 error bilinear transform correction held in non-volatile memory with user adjustable frequency span.

Comes factory calibrated against 5 known loads, using a HP8753D network analyzer with HP85032B Cal kit. The unit is supplied with a full calibration certificate.

Optional custom calibration can be performed using one of the available calibration kits (see optional accessories).
Measurement Modes
and Formats
  • Impedance - Polar, rectangular, parallel
  • Admittance - Polar, rectangular
  • RLC series or parallel equivalent
  • VSWR
  • Reflection coefficient - Polar, rectangular
  • Return loss -dB
  • Mismatch loss -dB
  • Quality factor
  • Cable Loss - dB
  • Cable length - Degrees, %Lambda
  • Swept measurements to PC via USB or RS232 serial port
Special Functions
(run from software)
  • Interference spectrum scan
  • Distance to fault
  • Time domain impulse response
  • Velocity Factor
  • Characteristic impedance
Power source DC plug-pack or internal battery (auto power-save in battery mode)
Display 4x20 character alphanumeric LCD
Measurement method V/I technique
Interface USB using FT232 driver or
RS232 on 9-pin D
Software Java software runs on Windows7/XP and includes all drivers.
It provides plotting/saving/retrieving of all parameters, multi series plotting, difference plotting, cursors and annotations.
Files are saved in .csv format and may be opened by excel.
Sweep modes available:
  • Single frequency sweep
  • Linear sweep
  • Logarithmic sweep
  • Signal scan
  • Distance to fault - time domain response
  • Loop function
Battery 2.2Ah
~2 hours of battery operation at full charge
Charging time: 20mins
Weight 1.9kg
Dimensions 250w x 200d x 80h (mm)
Included Accessories
  • UK/US/EU Mains power pack
  • USB cable
  • Serial Cable
  • Java based PC software
  • 3 piece N type SOL calibration kit
  • Protective hard carry case with shoulder strap
Optional Accessories 3 piece N type Male SOL custom calibration kit
3 piece N type Female SOL custom calibration kit
N to BNC male adaptor
N to BNC female adaptor